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 The History of the world: The Beginning to Present Day

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PostSubject: The History of the world: The Beginning to Present Day    Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:56 pm


The Birth of a world.

In the beginning there was only darkness, that surrounded the godly realm. The few remaining gods and goddesses that survived after the war and the destruction of their realm found refuge in each other. The two gods and two goddesses that remained were those who hidden during the war, knowing what the ultimate outcome would be. Unable to stop the warring gods and goddesses they were forced to sit back and watch as those they loved, slowly caused the destruction of each other, as well as the world that they had all created together. Nearly causing the destruction of their own home world in the process.

The four who remained, waited buying their time recovering their own powers as the magic they used to save themselves slowly dissipated. Centuries passed, as they waited and the effects of the war were many unknowns. But one thing they all knew was for sure, ultimately the war had corrupted the once pure and innocent world they had lived in and destroyed the other they had created. Forced to watch the destruction of the world and the other gods left deep wounds, sadness and loneliness so torturous it was unbearable even now just as it was when it was first carved into their godly hearts.

After some time had passed and the remaining gods and goddesses were freed from where they had hidden, they sought to rebuild the world that had fallen, better then before. Seeking a second change they turned to each other with love in their hearts and decided to create a world out of love once more. As the four became two and the two became one, they unified their powers and started to create the world in a magical dance, a world of individuality, a world of peace and love, a world of balance. A world filled with happiness and so much more, and so creation began.

The start of the World was total darkness, not a single thing could be seen. But a beautiful melody rang out somewhere through space and time. Like a soft feminine voice, singing straight into your soul, that’s what you would have experienced had you been there to whiteness it, or so the legends say. Filling all those who heard the beautiful melody with love and life. But, then out of nowhere, a bright light appeared. The gods unified were encompassed in light, a breath taking sight to behold. As the unified gods, worked their ancient and powerful magic binding the universe with balance and love, after some time, the mass of light seemed to take a human like shape. A head, shoulders, torso, two arms and legs and feet and hands. The Gods hand would reach out and touch a star which was shining, ever so brightly. A voice then could be heard, as the gods began to speak as one.

“Oh little star hear my voice and release that which you hold within, my special little star, shining so brightly, hear my voice and feel love, heed my request and give life!”

The little star began to shine brightly showing that it understood its Masters voice, the voice of the goddess of life and love, one of the four great gods who gave the star its power and its life. It got so bright as it followed its masters command, and then at that instant the most gentle and beautiful voice called out.

“Now Release and shine forever bright and hot to warm and grow the world of our children!”

At that request the star suddenly burst in a happy explosion eager to please the gods, the light from it was so immense that it brightened up the whole universe. Then when it settled a planet could be seen, which was glowing red with flames covering the entirety of its surface and reaching out. The tiny star gave birth to the sun, the first piece of the most intricate balance system of the world they hoped to give life to. A vast burning planet was created that would never go out, the star would shine forever bright until commanded to do differently. And the star was pleased to do so happily.

Then the unified gods made the moon to balance the sun, to create day and night. After creating night and day itself, and all the other planets and galaxy’s, a world of balance a world of understanding, was all that was left to create. Smiling happily at each other from within the one they became, with hearts of pure love and knowledge they picked the loneliest quivering star and held it gently in their hand. After a few moments a gentle voice could be heard.

“Why do you quiver my bright little star? For we have faith in you. Will you little star  become home to our children?” the voice asked so sweetly. The words the gods spoke to the star made it feel brave enough to accept its request and shined brightly to say yes. “Gentle, loving little star heed my request, rebirth and become a home for our children!”

“Now Release!” The four voices could be heard that moment as they all poured their powers together to help the star become a beautiful home for their children. With a bright burst of light a planet appeared in the middle of the sun and moon. Burning bright blazing like the sun, the world of Rapture was born.

Over time and a lot of millennia the plant cooled down and when this happened, the gods made their decisions and laid plans and created the seas and oceans throughout the land, then they created animals, and other species until finally they created humans. Then they created Man and Women for all species/races and animals so they could go fourth and multiply. The world was rich with magic naturally they sought to bless with even more magic to ensure its survival. After all once they made sure the world got a good start they would take a step back and leave back to their real leaving only minimal clues and things needed to keep the world safe and thriving.

Their voices would be heard in their new infant of a world, joyous and loving from all corners of the world they could be heard.
“We have made you, to be the first. To be here is an honor, we gave birth to the heavens and the earth all for you, our love is unconditional but know balance and respect, for all is not how it appears. Heed our warnings this is a world of balance and freewill, we gave you all the intelligence you need to survive, live well and in balance. Go fourth and multiply our children. All that you need to know will be handed down to you by your gift of intelligence and discovery through curiosity, you are all equal in our eyes. You would do well to remember the lessons we have left behind for you to go from. Your diversity keeps balance never forget the importance of balance. Welcome to the New World of Rapture go fourth and multiply.”

Thus the world of Rapture was created. A gift from the gods and goddess’s to their children. Those that inhabit world are many. The gods sit back and watch over their world that they have left forever to grow on its own, with the gifts of intelligence, magic and freewill they returned to the heavens to watch over, guide and protect the world but to never be seen in the earthly realm again. They lay in wait to watch and see if their will be ones to tempt the fates and tip the precious scales of balance. Because with freewill you can never tell for certain just how things will go. That's how Rapture came to be. But it is far from that magical Eden it once was.

The Golden Era to The Fall of the world.

During what was considered to be the golden era all races flourished and grew in strength, numbers and intelligence. The teachings of balance and understanding each other was taught to every race and clan. Of course with free will there are always those who do not agree with the same line of thinking as others. So the Era of enlightenment was not long lived. The Golden Era only lasted about one thousand years or so, just long enough for intelligence to advance enough for intercontinental exploration. Soon after that the species began to war with each other over lands and for reasons unknown. The fighting seemed endless and soon the world fell to chaos and wars. Unfortunately its just a natural step in evolution, the gods told themselves from their otherworldly perch. A step in the path to true spiritual enlightenment to get to a society where all can agree to live in a way that is truly right and peaceful in all ways for each other equally. But just how long could that take?

Of all species humans seemed to be the most ignorant for the longest time. Sincelessly hunting others that were different from them. They hunted many to near extinction, all the while nearly becoming extinct themselves. The gods watched in horror at the brutality of the creatures human and non human alike. Reminding themselves that all was necessary for balance they turned their backs on the world and decided to slumber and hoped that when they woke they would find a world much more to their liking. All the while that they slumbered blindly the world fell further into chaos. A choas so dark and destructive where nearly all was lost, including any recorded history at how the world results in what it will become.

Present Day Rapture. 10,000 years later.

Driven to hide from the modern world since long ago in Ancient times, to avoid the extermination of the last of their races and secrets from Human Kind. It was with great sadness the remaining Elders of the various magical races all pulled their powers collectively to drop the veil between their lands and that of the rest of the world. To save themselves and to protect what little magic the world had left after who knows what happened no one but the elders really knows and no one talks about it. The only thing anyone really know is the story that is told, one of legend.

The veil isa magical barrier that respells outsiders who approached by land, sea or air still to this very day. The ones who have been repelled would be none the wiser of it as they simply would feel a strong urge or need to go another route and sometimes even magic would lend a hand when necessary. It veiled the islands from any unwanted prying eyes so the inhabitants could live peacefully in their true forms. Since they had been driven into hiding giving up rights to the majority of their worlds lands.

The barrier was set in place around the last areas of lands they were able to secure after the fall of the brief 'golden era' of equality and peace, a short period of time when the world was still new to mankind and they were still open and accepting of the worlds magics and secrets. However still a relatively new species, and youngest of all the races the human species still had a long way to go before it would become the dominant species on the planet out numbering all other races and turning almost all of the once vibrantly flourishing natural environments the world had to offer us, into the bustling mediocre paved urban metropolis that it is today.

All the same as young and curious and accepting as people were things were not to last. Unfortunately humans can be just as cruel as they can be kind, if not more so. Its the same for just as brave as they can be, they also can turn and give into fear much quicker than any other race. Fear can drive anyone to do unspeakable things. Unable to comprehend or understand some species, that alone triggered a fear and hatred response for some and led to many unfathomable horrors to occur.

Wars and much bloodshed covered the lands of this world tainting it. Many lives were lost as humanity sought to over take and eradicate all those unlike them. No one really knows what caused the break between humanity and its other sibling races that resulted in the separation today. Leading to the protective seclusion on the Isles of Rapture, in a world now known as a name not its own. For many of the children of the supernatural races of Rapture this is but an omen carved in truth told and used to instil fear of humanity outside rapture in them. Although for most it probably does the opposite as many races still live within the human ruled world. Hiding in plain sight living their lives peacefully so long as they are not discovered.

There are humans that live on the isles of Rapture, but outside humans are not permitted to the islands, otherwise what would be the point of the veil to keep them hidden. The Counsel made sure that law was etched in stone. So with that and few other rules society thrived on the isles. But how long could peace last and the isles not be discovered. After all fate is a tricky lady she is master of all, she has danced this dance before with the world and who knows just when she will come out to play again.
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The History of the world: The Beginning to Present Day
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