Welcome to Rapture, A free form role-playing adventure. This Fantasy style Rp is set in the Modern World, on a secluded Isle hidden from mortals. Dare to Join? 18+
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 Welcome Guide

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PostSubject: Welcome Guide   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:53 pm

Hello and Welcome to the world of Rapture.
It's nice to see a new face amongst the growing population. Everyone is very excited to meet you! But, I told them all to wait until you settled in first. Since you are new here let me tell you a bit about our home. We will get to the rules here in just a bit, but first I need to tell you just a few things so lets get started.

Our Mission
To provide a fun and friendly literate space for all active members to grow as writers by exposing them to an exciting supernatural style free-form role playing game environment full of amazingly creative ideas.

Our Vision
In Rapture our vision is to see our home grow and everyone participating happily, with as little limits as possible to explore their writing talents and grow themselves, surpassing the boundaries and limits set before them.

Our Culture
Every community that has survived the test of time has lasted for one reason alone. Love. I know it sounds lame but its the truth. The time and energy that our community members put into the site itself is nothing but love. It is exactly that dedication and loyalty that keeps the embers of the communal fire that is Rapture burning bright. Here at Rapture we are all a family, and that is why we will survive the test of time. Your passion to play the game and improve your creativity and writing skills is what we desire here. This is a place where everyone can come to have fun and feel at home.

So let me just say this, from all of us here at Rapture.
Welcome to the family! Hope you will come to love it here as much as we do!

But before you jump in the deep end of the writers pool there are a few things you need to read before you can start posting. Below you will find links to the articles you are required to read before posting. Please follow any/all instructions on the threads in case a reply is required! After you have taken care of the required information you can find a link to a thread that will provide you with everything you will need to create your character and enter the world of Rapture. Its been wonderful meeting you, so let me say it once more Welcome to your new home! If you have any questions or concerns please see an Admin or Mod.


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Welcome Guide
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